Chad Carteret

Ironing Out “The Fold”

The online marketing industry is relatively new, definitely more so than traditional marketing and as a result it has inherited a lot from it’s traditional marketing predecessors. For instance, web design trends and terminology, at the inception of the field, borrowed heavily from those previously found in print and traditional media design. It’s no mystery that the trends in web design move so fast that it can be hard to keep up, but the jargon on the other hand can be a bit more sluggish.

Essential Design Elements for Any Hotel Site

Let’s face it, the travel industry is a fairly dense market and your hotel probably has to stand up to some pretty stiff competition. That’s why in today’s modern digital marketing era it is essential to utilize every tool available to its utmost capacity, like your hotel’s website for example. Making sure that your site has a few essential design elements can be a quick and easy step to ensure your hotel is making the best out of its online presence.