Fuel Staff

Fuel Interactive is Now Fuel

Fuel, the travel and tourism industry experts on a mission to make “Travel Marketing…Simplified,” formally known as Fuel Interactive, has changed names to better reflect the effect the addition of their capabilities has on a client’s business.

Creating Dynamite E-mails for Hotel Marketing

Just because something works great in print does not mean that it will work great in an email. The digital world is vastly different from the hard copy world of print. Creating an email that can capture a user in only 8 seconds is critical because that is exactly the amount of time it takes for the brain to decide to either “love it” or “leave it”.

Device Types And How They Are Being Used

The data in this report comes from 33 different Myrtle Beach resorts covering the past 3 years, and will show you the trends of both mobile and desktop users. In addition to long term trends behavioral profile for each using data from the current year is also included.

The OpenSSL / Heartbleed Bug explained in plan english

For starters – this is meant to explain in simplest terms WHAT we’re dealing with and WHY it happened, and HOW to fix it. This is not technojargon, and the explanations and examples used are of the most stripped down, basic, “get the point across” type.

Cart Abandonment E-mail Strategies

When users visit an ecommerce site, there is a chance that they may not complete their conversion or sale.

If we can capture their email upon site entry, through an account creation or modal pop-up, then there is a good chance that we can retarget these potential customers using cart abandonment emails.

Google Implements New Local SERPs

Today, Google launched a totally new search result page (SERP) for keywords with local intent. The new layout sports a static map on the right sidebar and local results incorporated into the natural search results.