Friday Fuel: Baha Mar Opening Postponed, Google Algo Changes and In-Hotel Flight Data

Baha Mar Opening Postponed

In a previous Friday Fuel we mentioned the planned grand opening of Baha Mar, a mega-resort in the Bahamas, scheduled to open on March 27, 2015. Well Baha Mar recently postponed their grand opening until May which really upset some people who had already booked for a stay in April. Many of these guests had already bought their plane tickets. Baha Mar tried to fix the situation by offering stays at nearby Atlantis Resort, but some guests found that Atlantis had no availability on their dates. The aftermath can be seen through the comments left on the resorts Facebook page.

Baha Mar Resort
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Google Mobile Algo Changes

Google has announced they will be updating their mobile algorithm on April 21, 2015. This update is not specific to hotel sites, but hotels will certainly have to be sure they have their ducks in a row when it comes to how Google crawls the site. This is increasingly important as we see the numbers of people who are searching for hotels on mobile devices continue to rise. Keeping the site “mobile-friendly” in the eyes of Google will help sites keep their organic search rankings on mobile devices. Check out Google’s “mobile friendly” checker to see if your hotel’s website is compliant. If you’re not ready for April 27, give us a call!

Flyte Systems

Flyte Systems is changing the game for business travelers through their suite of products aimed at providing flight info to guests who aren’t at the airport. Their product, FlyteBoard, is now being installed in some hotel lobbies. It’s a floor, wall, or ceiling mounted display that can show flight information for multiple airports. This will really help business travelers know when their flight has been delayed, and whether or not they should board the hotel shuttle. Their suite of products also includes FlytePass which prints boarding passes, FlytePad which provides airport info on mobile devices, FlyteChannel which allows guests to view flight information on the TV in their hotel room, & more. To learn more about implementing their products in your hotel, visit their website at


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Fuel StaffFriday Fuel: Baha Mar Opening Postponed, Google Algo Changes and In-Hotel Flight Data
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