Creating Dynamite E-mails for Hotel Marketing

Just because something works great in print does not mean that it will work great in an email. The digital world is vastly different from the hard copy world of print. Creating an email that can capture a user in only 8 seconds is critical because that is exactly the amount of time it takes for the brain to decide to either “love it” or “leave it”. Why 8 seconds? Well, 8 seconds is the average attention span of the modern adult.

Here are some quick tips to hurdle over the ever pressured 8-second mark and develop engaging and successful email marketing campaigns.


Use Colors to Convey Emotion

Warm colors, like red, are proven to provoke and action or the feeling of urgency. This can work well for retailers, including hoteliers, looking to promote a deal and induce action. Cool colors, like blue, are known to convey trust and authority. This would be useful for businesses like law agencies or banks. Be sure that the overall design and feel of your email, even down to the basics of colors, matches the intent and tone of your message.


Good Photography is Essential

Have you ever heard of Instagram? Or Pinterest? In case you live under a rock, these two wildly popular social media sites are solely photography based and their success is derived from the short attention span world that we live in. No need to read small type; simply scroll along the beautiful photos and let them tell you their story. Long story short – the brain loves images. In fact, the brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text.

Emails should reflect the current digital trends and take advantage of this visual shift. A subscriber is much more likely to view your spectacular photo and feel compelled to take action than they are to read a paragraph of your text.  Design your email with the thought that no one is reading anything.


Be Genuine

Subscribers receive hundreds of emails per week; don’t get lost in the shuffle. Be sassy. Be creative. Find a voice of your own. Stand out by using friendly, relatable language rather than being just another corporate bore. Speak to your audience as you would a friend and they will respond.


Less Is More

Too many choices can be overwhelming. Your hotel or business may have many deals going on at once but choose only one at a time to market in your email. Fewer choices mean less time needed to grasp what you are trying to convey and a higher chance that a user will do what you are trying to get them to do. One great deal will trump five good deals any day.


Use Subtle and Personal Calls-To-Action

Lead your subscriber though your email with sub text. Use your wonderful photography to help lead the viewer’s eye to your deal. Use captivating and personal call-to-action phrases such as “see the photos” or “read the article” in place of more generic phrases like “click here”. For a hotel, one might use phrases like “get the deal here” or “see how much you can save” versus a more general phrase like “book now”. Users like being told what to do without feeling like they are being told what to do; guide the user through the process without being pushy.

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Fuel StaffCreating Dynamite E-mails for Hotel Marketing
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