Friday Fuel: Hotel Tech Updates & OTA Conversion Tricks

Happy Friday!

We’ve got plenty of exciting industry news for you this week, including the reveal of several new Fuel products that our team just rolled out at the HiTEC Conference in Austin, Texas this week.

Check it out and let us know what you think!

Hotel Tech Updates… Oh You Fancy

The internet of things has been gaining steam for several years and select Starwood brands are beginning to capitalize on consumers’ growing demand for a smart “everything.”

Depending on the property, guests will be able to use their phones to control the LED mood lighting in their room and set when their coffee pot starts a fresh brew.  One of my personal favorites is the touchscreen mirror, which is appearing in several Sheraton Four Points.  The idea of having my weather and new appear while getting ready in the morning is awesome.  Though I doubt the housekeeping staff, nor their Windex budget, were consulted in the tech decision.

Fuel Unveils the Fuel Gauge Dashboard and GuestExpress App at HiTEC

The team at Fuel are busy this week in Austin at HiTEC showing off the latest in mobile travel with the new GuestExpress App and Fuel Gauge dashboard. The new duo of tools for the independent hoteliers allows for an unprecedented level of service that rivals (and surpasses) the experiences a customer can expect at a flagged hotel.

The GuestExpress app, available now for several resorts in the iTunes Store and Android Marketplace gives guests the ability to check in, check out, purchase additional services and even find a great place to eat nearby.

The new Fuel Gauge dashboard is the single tool for hotelliers to view and analyze all their critical data in one place.  From PMS data and website performance to social footprint and email marketing, the Fuel Gauge gives property managers a leg up on the competition.

Deciphering The Consumers Booking Decision Process

A great article recently appeared on discussing the five key decision points that most influence a customers booking decision.  For the hotel operator trying to find the solution to filling rooms, these five steps are the starting point to growing RevPAR. Important things to keep in mind, according to the study, include the fact that people have both high and low price thresholds and that images can completely change a prospective guest’s mind.

The good news? Your property likely has what a prospective guest is looking for; the question becomes how you are showcasing what you have online.

OTA Tricks To Boost Your Own Conversion Rates

Online travel agents, while often considered a “frenemy” of hoteliers, are quite crafty when it comes to converting guests on their sites. If you have ever wondered about the secret to their success, fret not, as it is little more than the combination of basic human psychology mixed with crafty web design – a match made in heaven that more hotel sites should consider incorporating. Capitalizing on a guest’s FOMO (fear of missing out) combined with an idiot-proof booking process are two essential elements of any successful OTA site. Can you think of any other tactics used?

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Pete DiMaioFriday Fuel: Hotel Tech Updates & OTA Conversion Tricks
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