Friday Fuel: Improvement Edition – OTA Management, Guest Experience, & More!

Picture Perfect Promotions at Four Season Maui 

The Four Seasons Maui is thinking outside of the box when it comes to offering unique guest events and promotions. The scenic, luxury hotel is now offering a one-of-a-kind photography expedition and workshop program that is open to any and all Maui Beach Hotel Sunsetguests. The program seemed a perfect match for the picturesque hotel location and for the higher-end demographic that the hotel typically appeals to. The workshop itself will give guests the chance to shoot at various Maui locations, get tips and one-on-one critique with globally renowned photographers, take part in group editing sessions, and enjoy a final gallery showing. The price tag for such a generous event? $5,790 for the first guest and then $3,000 for each additional participant. Four Seasons is, however, offering one lucky winner the change to win an excursion scholarship. What can your property do to differentiate itself and offer something unique that can’t be found anywhere else?


Get Your Direct Hotel Bookings Back… No Really, That’s A Thing You Can Do

Are you tired of relying on online travel agents for bookings? The love/ hate relationship with OTAs has gone on long enough; it’s time to take the bull by the horns and make some important strategic decisions on how to better manage your hotel’s relationship with OTAs and how to increase your hotel’s direct bookings. Proper rate management, bidding on brand search terms, and showing genuine reviews on your site are just a few things that you can do to increase your hotel’s direct bookings. Do you have any other OTA management tips or best practices?


Ok, Your Customer is Angry….. Now What?

Reputation management is a fast emerging and much needed trend in the hotel industry. For quite some time now, many hotels have struggled to figure out the secret sauce to salvaging relations with dissatisfied guests. The age old philosophy has simply been “don’t do anything to be sorry for”.  As lovely as that sounds, it is a completely unrealistic goal. People make mistakes, companies mess up, it happens. How you handle what happens, however, can make or break a hotel’s image. People have a certain set of expectations when something goes wrong and going above and beyond to do something unexpected is what can set your hotel brand apart from the rest. How does your hotel go above and beyond to rectify mistakes or mishaps?


Watch Out – The Apple Watch is Coming in Hot

The recently revealed Apple Watch is already creating a buzz in the tech world and Apple Watch Appsthat buzz is beginning to spill over to hospitality. The snazzy new smart watch will support Apple Pay, a platform that uses near field communication (NFC) to communicate with specially designed card readers. This recent innovation makes payment easier and (allegedly) more secure than ever. Marriot, a leader in the hotel technology field, announced that it would be the first hotel chain to accept Apple Pay and will roll out the program this summer to select brands like Ritz-Carlton and Courtyard. Is integrating Apple Pay an integral part of your hotel’s marketing strategy?


You Have Such a Beautiful (Inter)face

The highly antiquated hotel booking engine industry is finally starting to see a few well deserved facelifts across providers. Though the check out process is arguably the most important part of the hotel guest booking process, front-end features like hotel websites have hogged all of the re-design and user-improvement glory for quite some time now. Well, booking engine, this is YOUR time to shine. Many hotel booking engine providers are starting to invest more resources on improving both the design and functionality of each aspect of the hotel booking process which will ideally improve both conversion rate and brand image.


Innovation in the Hospitality Industry

How would you answer the question “how is innovation shaping the hospitality industry”?

Several industry experts were asked this very question, see what they had to say.

“Innovation is about doing something better. Not different and not more. BETTER” – Bill Carrol, Clinical Professor of Marketing at Cornell School of Hotel Administration

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Meisha BochicchioFriday Fuel: Improvement Edition – OTA Management, Guest Experience, & More!
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