Friday Fuel: Structured Data, Software Trends, Sheraton Ad Campaign & 10x Content

Structured Data To Factor In Google Algorithm

Though it’s not official, Google has recently hinted that it will start adding structured data to their ranking algorithm. While this can affect any business, it will be particularly important for hotels and tourism sites. There are plenty of markups that hotels are currently using around location, reviews, rates & more. Hotels that aren’t using structured data better take notice and start using it ASAP. Once Google officially rolls this out as a ranking algorithm, those who aren’t using could face the consequences.

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Structured Data Part Of Google Algorithm

hotel software trend infographic

Hotel Industry Software Purchase Trends

Hotel News Now has developed an infographic focusing on hotel management software purchase trends. The infographic shows how hotels are currently managing day-to-day operations, the top 5 requested software, and the top 5 reasons hoteliers feel they need to change software. A quick glance shows a lot of hoteliers want online booking engines, reservation management, and housekeeping management. They feel the need to upgrade to new software mainly due to the missing features of their current software and the fact that many current software systems are not user friendly. If you feel the need to upgrade you hotel software, contact Fuel today!

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In-Room Virtual Reality

Marriott announced it’s brand new Vroom Service virtual reality systems that can be delivered directly to a guest’s room. This new technology is being tested for 2 weeks at the New York Marriott Marquis and London Marriott Park Lane. Guests will be able to call the front desk and request a Samsung Gear VR headset and headphones which will be delivered promptly to their room with easy to use instructions. Marriott is one of the first companies to start using this brand new tech. This announcement falls right in line with what we have been seeing from Marriott recently with their brand new mobile app and their recent partnership with Netflix. With Marriott’s recent tech adoption initiative, we’re excited to see what they bring to the table next.

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Marriott Vroom Service Virtual Reality

Sheraton Print Ads

Starwood Hotels To Launch First Sheraton TV Spot In Over A Decade

A massive marketing and ad campaign is underway for the Sheraton arm of Starwood Hotels this month. The overall plan is a 5 year initiative that will debut print ads in major publications like WSJ, New York Times, Forbes and other publications. On September 21 Sheraton will be airing its first TV spot in over 10 years, which will be shown on both national networks and other cable channels. All of these will be accompanied by digital ads, which will appear on YouTube, Aol & Facebook. We’ll be keeping an eye on this campaign and see how this big 5 year plan pans out.


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Building 10x Better Content For Your Travel Site

Just having a lot of content is no longer enough to make a difference in your site’s rankings. You need to have great content. Specifically content that is 10x better than other content ranking for your target keyword. This “10x content” was coined by Moz’s Rand Fishkin and was expanded on in a recent SEJ article by Julia McCoy. She provides The 7 Pillars of 10x Content, How 10x Content Came To Be Necessary, and 5 Fundamental Guidelines To Help Create 10x Content. This is especially true in the travel industry where there is a lot of thin, incomplete content out there. If you need help creating 10x content or simply don’t have the time, contact Fuel today.

10x Content for hotels

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