The 2014 Top 5 “Must Have” Techie Gift Guide

Cyber Monday has past and if you’ve still got shopping to do, it’s time to get crackin’.  It seems that some of the toughest people to buy for are those who are the most tech-savvy and know a great gift from a, “really you bought me this piece of junk?” gift.  Do not worry though, here are five great gift ideas that are guaranteed to put a smile on that nerd’s face.



Amazon Fire TV Stick: $39

Google debuted the Chromecast last year but now both Amazon and Roku have brought competition to the streaming-stick market. And, while last year I had the Chromecast on the 2013 Tech Christmas List, this year it’s all about the Amazon Fire TV stick. In addition to the basic streaming and screen sharing, the Fire TV stick also gives you voice control, a remote, wealth of apps, and who could forget…complete access to your Amazon Prime account!

At just $39, it brings more functionality and fun to your TV than you ever before.


LG G Watch R: $299

You better like your techie to get them this pricy gadget! But, if you do like them, they will absolutely love you for this cutting edge example of wearable tech.

Once paired with an Android phone, the LG G Watch R becomes an all-in-one interface to your phone and your world. This watch can give directions, send and receive texts, emails, and calls, and hey, you can even use it to tell time. This watch is a truly fashionable examples of a smart watch and will allow you to upload a vast array of custom watch faces to match whatever you might be wearing.


Digits Conductive Finger Pads: $9.99

Oh the weather outside is frightening… but you can’t tweet about the weather because of these damn gloves! No worries, if you find some Digits Conductive Finger Pads under the tree this year, you can tweet to your heart’s content while keeping your paws nice and toasty.

At just $9.99 for a set of four, these little conductive pads can adhere to your favorite pair of gloves and allow you to use your phone or new LG G Watch R without getting your fingers cold. Simple but genius!


Parrot AR Drone 2.0 $399

Last year, I recommended you buy a $20 Smyrna remote helicopter for that techie on your list. Little did you know that the Smyrna was merely training for this year’s big gift, the Parrot AR Drone 2.0. At $400, it’s not for the casual acquaintance; but, it is a great entry level gift for a fully functional remote video drone.  We’ve had a few in our office and not only are they a ton of fun and a great tool for a quick video but they’re also a great excuse to explore the terrain of your office roof! Not that we’re speaking from experience or anything… *cough cough*


Tile for iOS: $25

The tile really should be at the top of anyone’s list, not just for techiea.  These little key fob devices can be attached or stuck to all the little things you like to loose; keys, phone, kids, you name it!  Then, with a simple iOS app, you can “find it” by viewing it’s location on a map. If you really loose something, mark your item as lost and anyone with a Tile App can help you find your missing item! At just $25 for one (and discounts on multiples) this gift is sure to make anyone smile! Note: does not work inversely to help you “lose” items like that pesky mother-in-law.



What is your “must have” tech gift for 2014? Let us know!

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Pete DiMaioThe 2014 Top 5 “Must Have” Techie Gift Guide
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