Web vs Native: Why Your Hotel Needs Both

There have been arguments made that you only need a mobile web site, but let’s talk about why you need both a mobile site and native app. This is especially true if you own a hotel and want to make your user’s experience top notch.

The main advantage of a mobile site is the wide range of places you can view the site. Any device, using any browser, there is no vendor lock-in or restrictions. This is wonderful and something that everyone should have. We can help you out here if that is something you need.

The main advantage of a native app is user experience. Communication is key here, by being able to send notifications about events that are important. Imagine going on vacation and your room isn’t ready yet at your hotel. You decide to go out and do some half hearted site seeing while you wait for your room. You want to know right away when your room is read so you can go get unpacked. You get your notification and then comes another pain point, checking into your room. It’s no problem, since you can open the app, and go ahead and complete the check-in.Now, you just need to stop by the front desk to get your keys and you are all set.

If you own a hotel, contact Fuel today and get a free quote on a native app for your hotel.

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Shad BelcherWeb vs Native: Why Your Hotel Needs Both
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