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With access to Fuel’s cutting-edge hotel analytics dashboard, you’ll have a key advantage over the competition with real-time data and reporting available at your fingertips. Fuel Gauge helps you gain insight into your property, booking engine, e-mail marketing, social media, organic and paid search and more to make effective, data-driven decisions that will impact your bottom line. Contact us today for a free demo of our revolutionary hotel analytics dashboard!

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Monitoring your social profiles, email marketing, website statistics, booking engine revenue and countless other data sources can quickly drive you to information overload.  That is, until now.  The Fuel Gauge analytics dashboard brings all your data sources together, analyzes and gives you simple actionable insights into your hotel performance.


Dive deep into your hotel data with easy-to-read reports.



Determine which channels are most effective.



Fine tune your hotel marketing efforts with incremental changes.

Real Time Analytics Insights

Property Occupancy and Guest Insights

Adobe Analytics Integration

Google Analytics Integration

Social Reputation Monitoring

Natural Search (SEO) Performance

Paid Search (PPC) Performance

Email Campaign Performance

Trip Advisor Review Monitoring

Mobile App Performance

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The Fuel Gauge puts all your hotel data in an actionable analytics dashboard to help you to improve your REVpar.  The analytics insights from the Fuel blog help you keep your finger on the pulse of data trends in the travel/tourism space.  Using both together give you the power to OWN your market!

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