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2017 Travel Website Behavior Study

Your hotel’s website is, perhaps, the most important factor in a successful hotel marketing campaign. It is the mousetrap to which the majority of a hotel’s marketing spend is targeted. If your website is ineffective, you entire marketing budget is spent for nothing.

Fuel and set out to find exactly which elements are functionality make a good website… and we did.  This study, based on over 2,000 traveler surveys, shows the results of our extensive research into the behavior and demands of the leisure traveler when planning and booking a hotel.

Download the report and we’ll reveal the results, our insights, and offer advice on how to leverage this information to improve your website performance.

Download the 2017 Travel Website Study

Insights Preview

Free Breakfast & Wi-Fi
Does it really help persuade a guest to book?

It turns out that both of these offerings are important with free wi-fi being the clear winner with 83.5% indicating it was an important factor when choosing a hotel. Free breakfast also had some influence, with 64% indicating it was an important decision factor.

Download the 2017 Travel Website Behavior Study
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