2018 Hotel Tech Study

Hotel Technology Update

Are Hoteliers & Vendors On The Same Page?

You may think you understand your vendor’s goals… Your vendors may think they understand your goals… But the reality is somewhere in between.

As technology leaders in the hospitality industry, your friends at Fuel Travel, Flip.to and StayNTouch joined forces to conduct an extensive study of hundreds of hoteliers and suppliers with a goal to learn where the industry can improve from a technology perspective. The results are compiled from 358 respondents, all of whom are involved in the process of purchasing or selling technology within the hospitality industry. The results of the study will be compared to future years’ responses in an effort to identify shifts and trends in purchase behavior.

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Breaking Tech Trends

  • How & When Do Hoteliers Shop For Technology?
  • What Factors Influence Technology Purchasing Decisions?
  • How Are Hotels Shifting Budgets to Prioritize New Technology?
  • Today's Top 3 Technology Challenges...
  • What Tech Will Change The Hotel Space In The Next 2 Years?
  • Are Vendors & Hoteliers Aligned On Challenges and Priorities?

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Insights Preview

Looking Ahead 12 Months: What will impact the hospitality biz the most?

Both hoteliers and vendors agree that improving the guest experience is going to be a major focus in the next 12 months. Beyond that, the focus begins to deviate. The full report, including the top five focus points next year are in the 2018 Technology Study. Download it today!

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