Hotel PPC

Our award-winning team of certified hotel ppc specialists manage and optimize strategically targeted campaigns across popular search engines, display networks, social networks and META sites such as TripAdvisor’s Trip Connect and Google Hotel Ads.

Hotel PPC

Pay Per Click Advertising For Today's Hotels

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) for hotels, also know as performance marketing or pay-per-click, is one of the fastest ways for your property to put heads in beds. SEM drives better ROI than distributing your inventory on the OTAs and can be ramped up or pulled back based on occupancy and demand. This is not a set it and forget it channel. Good SEM requires diligence, experimentation and a deep understanding of market conditions and trends.

By partnering with Fuel, your hotel will gain more exposure, more clicks and more bookings. We make your hotel advertising budget stretch further and we generate outstanding ROI.

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Fuel’s hotel SEM campaigns are well thought out, well organized, and well documented. We combine carefully selected target keywords, well crafted ad copy and optimized landing pages in order to maximize your conversion rates and your profits. Learn more about PPC campaign management and optimizations here.

Know your Pay-Per-Click ROI!

ROI Calculator

To get started, Just enter the following metrics, hit calculate, and prepare to be enlightened. You can also play with the values to see what increases and decreases in various metrics will do to your ROI.

* Note: Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) is called Value/Cost in AdWords. ROI subtracts the cost of advertising, but ROAS does not.

Expected Results

Here’s a look at the terms that affect your Pay-Per-Click advertising:

  • ROI = Return On Investment (Gross Profit/Cost)
  • ROAS = Return On Ad Spend (Revenue/Cost)
  • CPC = Cost Per Click
  • Conversion Rate = % Of Visitors Who Buy
  • Average Sale = Value Per Conversion = Revenue Per Conversion

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