Cory Shaw

Migrating from Angular 1 to 2: Part 2, Components – Sortable Table

Since we’ve last touch based on Angular 2’s standing, there have been many changes made to one of many beloved products of Google. Most notably, a few of Angular 2’s ever-elusive release candidates have finally been released to the product. A whole new router has been released, new *ngFor syntax, a revamped module-based dependencies, and

Angular Directive: Sortable Table Pt. II, Pagination

UPDATE (May 2016): This is written for Angular 1.x. While Angular 1.x is not close to being deprecated, we have an updated series written specifically for Angular 2. Check out part 1 of the new series to learn how to migrate Angular 1.x filters to Angular 2 pipes, and part 2 for how to migrate