Pete DiMaio

These 10 Things Are Probably Broken With Your Hotel Marketing

Hotel marketing is an incredibly complex web of tools, programs, sites, and third-party systems.  In order for your marketing to work at it’s potential all systems must be functioning, and when you built them… they did.  Unfortunately over time things break, stop working, change or are simply just forgotten.  One of the oft-forgotten aspects of a great hotel marketing effort is going back and checking what you “think” is working great.  When you do this, you’ll more than likely find that what you thought was a fine-tuned marketing machine is in dire need of some maintenance.

TripAdvisor’s Hotel Sponsored Positions: Everything You Need to Know

TripAdvisor has just rolled out their Sponsored Position system to hotels. Now, hotels can buy the top, typically #1 ranked, property position for their destination. Is this a savior for lower ranked properties or just a money grab? Here’s what your hotel needs to know about the new program and how you should, and should not, use it to benefit your property.

Convert OTA Guests to In-House Bookings: 5 Ways to Succeed

OTA bookings can be a part of life for a hotelier, however it should only be a small part of life. If you are facing a high percentage of OTA bookings, these five tips will help you reduce your reliance on third parties, grow your RevPAR, and put control of your resort back in your hands.

Great Hotel Marketing Starts At The End: Choosing the Right Booking Engine

Our job as hotel marketing experts is to help spend their marketing dollars as effectively as possible. However, sometimes even the most effective marketing can fail and not because of the marketing itself, but something deeper down the conversion funnel. Something that oft times seems not marketing related at all even though it plays the most critical part of the entire mix.

Today we ask the question, “Is your PMS and booking engine the cause of your hotel marketing woes?”

Finding the Right Mindset for Your Hotel Advertising

The world of hotel marketing is vast and complex. Platforms such as Facebook can drive tons of traffic, but not always revenue. Other systems, such as Google’s AdWords is typically focused on driving revenue. The trouble marketers can get into is when they think about all channels with a similar mindset. This can spell disaster.

Case Study: Boosting Email CTR With Animation

If you’re still sending the same old hotel and travel emails to your guests you’re falling behind. In fact, not only is email likely your #1 conversion tool, it is also where you can grow your revenue the most. In one test in particular, for, we tested if animation can drive improved email performance. What we found was both expected and exciting.

Hotel App 101: Integrating Your New App Into Marketing and Operations

Congratulations, you are likely one of the many forward thinking hoteliers who have come to realize the importance of giving your customers the resort tools a mobile app offers. Now the question becomes how do you best integrate the customer’s app experience into your existing marketing efforts and on-site operations.

Hotel Photography: The Asset You Aren’t Assessing

Just like your other physical assets, your property photos become outdated and need to be replaced. And, unlike that alarm clock, great photography can lead directly to a great RevPAR. Learn why hotel photography is so important and how it can make or break a website experience.

The 2014 Top 5 “Must Have” Techie Gift Guide

Cyber Monday has past and if you’ve still got shopping to do, it’s time to get crackin’. It seems that some of the toughest people to buy for are those who are the most tech-savvy and know a great gift from a, “really you bought me this piece of junk?” gift. Do not worry though, here are five great gift ideas that are guaranteed to put a smile on that nerd’s face.