Case Study: Uptown Suites Temporary Housing Campaign

Situation & Objective

Uptown Suites RoomA piece of the marketing strategy for Uptown Suites is to run advertising campaigns to drive brand awareness for their properties as a temporary housing solution. The most recent campaign was to drive awareness via display advertising. We targeted Realtor websites, mobile apps, Realtor YouTube channels, as well as Gmail display advertising for people who have shown interest in temporary housing/relocation.

The overall objective was to drive brand awareness, to promote the brand as a temporary housing solution and increase the number of bookings via the Uptown Suites website.

Target Audience

Our target audience consisted of men and women, aged 35-36, who are relocating within a 30-mile radius of any of the Uptown Suites locations, as well as people who had shown interest in relation and/or temporary housing solutions.

Research & Planning

Hotel Marketing Display Ads Example - Uptown SuitesOur research focused on identifying characteristics of guests who use extended stay hotels as a temporary housing solution when they are relocating.

We found that these people use real estate focused mobile apps, websites, and YouTube channels throughout their journey. We also found that these types of guests find great value in the apartment-style amenities and the freedom of no long-term lease provided by Uptown Suites.

Our goal was to make the Uptown Suites brand known as a viable temporary housing solution by promoting these apartment-style amenities in ideal placements.

Message & Implementation

Hotel Display Advertising Example - Uptown SuitesThe key message was to show that Uptown Suites has everything a potential guest would need in a temporary housing solution.

Our imagery showed a comfortable guest room and promoted amenities such as “Pet-Friendly, Free WiFi, Full Kitchen, Gym, Laundry Facilities, & Grocery Delivery” which we know are appealing for someone in need of temporary housing. We also know that this same segment does not want to be locked into a long-term lease so we included messaging stating “No Long-Term Lease, No Credit Check.”

A differentiating factor of this campaign was well-defined, targeted ad placement. We reached our target audience by displaying ads on real estate focused apps, websites and YouTube channels we know are used by people who are in the relocation process and would likely be in need of temporary housing. We also ran a Gmail display ad campaign for Gmail users who had previously shown interest in temporary housing and/or relocation.


The 2019 Temporary Housing campaign was considered very successful. We were able to deliver results with increases across-the-board compared to previous period prior to the launch.

Hotel Display Ad Campaign Results for Uptown Suites

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