Fuel Interactive is Now Fuel

Fuel, the travel and tourism industry experts on a mission to make “Travel Marketing…Simplified,” formally known as Fuel Interactive, has changed names to better reflect the effect the addition of their capabilities has on a client’s business.

“It’s been a period of unprecedented growth for us here at Fuel,” Stuart Butler, chief operating officer of Fuel, said.

“With these changes came a fundamental shift in our focus and how we approached solving problems for our clients. We found that our old name no longer captured the essence – the spirit and energy – we are looking to bring to the market. We needed something that reflected what we really are, what we really do for our customers.”

Part of this overall rebranding effort included the creation of a new logo that captures the fire of the brand, a new tagline – “Travel Marketing…Simplified,” as well as the launching of a new website to round out the overall transformation of the company.

“The rebranding has ignited us to reinvent the way that the hotel and travel industry does marketing,” Butler added. “Our services make hotel marketing simple. And our new logo, new website and tagline provide a new feel and energy that brings us to an entirely new level of drive.”

Office6During the rebranding effort, Fuel also completed a move to the newly renovated offices of sister company, The Brandon Agency. The complete interior renovation features sleek, modern designs in an open workspace environment to enhance creativity, inspiration, and collaboration.

The first new product launch of the rebranded Fuel is a marketing product suite that is exclusively designed to make online marketing for hoteliers simple and effective.

This solution provides clients with an entire suite of new marketing tools and resources to take their return on investment to the next level.

Established in 1994, Fuel Interactive was founded on the belief that the Internet would fundamentally change sales and marketing. As early pioneers in the industry, Fuel developed websites, built opt-in email databases and managed email-marketing campaigns for clients.

In the beginning, most Internet marketing revolved around delivering information to consumers in a cost-efficient way. The tipping point for Fuel came with the growth of online transactions and the ability for Fuel to deliver a quantifiable ROI to its clients on a daily basis.

What started out as a programmer and a Web server in a small room has now grown into a full-service interactive agency that serves clients around the world.

At Fuel, we think a little differently. We believe that we’re making the world just a little bit better by connecting people with the right products and services. “Travel Marketing…Simplified.” That’s our motto and our commitment.

Headquartered in the heart of the travel and tourism industry in Myrtle Beach, S.C., Fuel provides all digital services in-house through a team of experts who understand the potential of well-executed, effective online

To learn more about what Fuel and take travel marketing to the next level, call (843) 839-1456 or click here to contact us today!

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Fuel StaffFuel Interactive is Now Fuel
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