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How to Improve the Hotel Check-In Process

The hotel check-in process has long been an important, albeit tedious step in a hotel guest’s to-do list. But it’s becoming much easier to improve the hotel check-in process thanks to an advancement in user-friendly hotel software systems. Which is good, because improving guest satisfaction is becoming increasingly important for hotels to accomplish.

In fact, the adoption of contactless technology by hotels increased by 66% during the pandemic. As guest sentiment has shifted over the past couple of years, hotels have clearly taken notice. Incorporate the technology recommendations below to start improving your hotel’s check-in process.

Offer express, mobile check-in

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Adding a white label app for hotels into your hotel’s daily operations is one of the most popular ways to improve the hotel check-in process. With this advanced tech solution, guests can check-in prior to arrival using their own mobile device, completely bypassing the lines at the front desk and giving them more time to explore the property and destination.

You and your hotel staff will also have the chance to spend more time building authentic relationships with guests that aren’t limited to asking for preferred payment methods and ID verification.

In addition to express check-in capabilities, advanced mobile app software also features user-friendly planning tools like an itinerary builder, guest-to-staff direct messaging, and a built-in booking engine that helps reduce OTA reliance and makes it easier for guests to make a reservation to your hotel.

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Introduce keyless room entry

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Speaking of the check-in line, waiting in long lines to receive a physical room key card doesn’t endorse the beginning of an exciting vacation. So why bring down the high of arriving for a vacation by forcing guests to stand in line?

Introducing the hotel mobile key.

Turning your guests’ mobile device into a secured room key, a digital key lets guests bypass the front desk and enter their hotel room the moment it’s ready. Not only does this contactless check-in solution reduce check-in lines, but it also reduces wasteful plastics and front desk visits to report lost key cards.

Best of all, mobile key software is integrated directly into a mobile app, eliminating the need for guests to download multiple applications. Soon enough, the check-in line will be a thing of the past.

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Build anticipation and answer important questions before your guests arrive

As we mentioned above, there are plenty of ways to improve the hotel check-in process on property. However, where many hotels miss the mark is improving the pre-arrival process from the moment a booking is made. With a hotel guest messaging solution, you can easily segment your guest database, create eye-catching messaging templates, and push automated campaigns that are hyper personalized.

There are several key points in the pre-arrival stage that you need to consider that should be used to build anticipation and provide useful information to guests:

fuel guest messaging solution email template
  • Booking confirmation
    • Set expectations.
    • Answer frequently asked questions about the check-in process and hotel policies.
    • Promote hotel mobile app downloads for a smoother check-in process.
  • Pre-arrival
    • Reiterate frequently asked questions about the check-in process and hotel policies.
    • Provide recommendations for things to do in your area.
    • Highlight the amenities and services at your hotel.
  • Day of arrival pre check-in
    • Push excitement and anticipation for arrival.
    • Reiterate check-in process FAQs and promote your hotel mobile app with that offers express, mobile check-in.
    • Include a list of activities and events happening nearby.

Remember, just because someone booked now doesn’t mean they can’t cancel later. Incorporating an automated messaging strategy can help eliminate any second guessing.

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Apply these solutions to your hotel check-in process and improve guest satisfaction. Request a demo today to see these hotel technology solutions in action.

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