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11 Reasons Why Hotels Should Have Mobile Apps

According to a study by New York University, nearly two-thirds of brand and independent hotels say they plan to adopt mobile app functionality by the end of 2022. In the past, we’ve discussed why 2021 would be a big year for hotels to transition to a contactless experience, but the numbers suggest that 2022 may become an even bigger year for contactless hotel software systems in the travel industry.

In this article, we’ll discuss why your hotel should have a mobile app to succeed in 2022 and beyond. But first, just in case you’re unfamiliar with the concept of a hotel mobile app, you can find the answers to a few frequently asked questions below.

person in a hammock on the beach holding smartphoneWhat do hotel apps do?

Long story short: A hotel mobile app improves the guest experience. Hotel apps allow guests to check-in in advance, request hotel services, enter their room, and make hotel reservations without having to make a phone call, visit the front desk, or open a web browser.

For hotels, a hotel app can save a lot of time through process automation. It can also improve revenue through personalized messaging, room upgrades, and promoting ancillary services.

Do hotels have their own app?

Many flagship brands and OTAs have their own mobile app. This allows them to reach people directly with deals and customized messaging through push notifications and in-app messaging, eliminating the need for someone to visit a web browser to make a booking. All-in-all, brands and OTAs use mobile apps because it makes the booking process easier for guests, adds a new channel to engage with guests, and keeps guests within their hotel booking ecosystem.

What app software is best for hotels?

The Fuel Mobile App & Digital Key is the hospitality industry’s leading mobile app solution. Our white-labeled software saves hotels time and money and leads to greater satisfaction among hotel guests. Plus, our digital key functionality integrates with the top lock providers including ASSA ABLOY and Onity.

11 Reasons why your hotel should have a mobile app

person holding phone to hotel door for keyless entry11. Contactless solution

There’s no question that hotels have had to adapt to meet new regulations and safety precautions over the last two years. Those changes have introduced new expectations that guests have for hotels. The ability to completely avoid the check-in line, quickly order room service with a just few taps on a phone, and use a phone as a room key are a few ways a mobile app promotes a hotel contactless check-in experience that meets guest expectations.

10. 24/7 communication with hotel staff

With a mobile app, guests can quickly and easily contact your hotel staff at any time of day. Whether it’s for a broken room fixture, extra pillows, or general questions, hotel staff can respond and address guest requests just as easily as it takes guests to send a request through an app.

9. Exclusive offers to guests

Guests love deals. Especially exclusive deals. With the use of a guest messaging solution, hotels can push personalized deals directly through a mobile app all the while emanating a level of exclusivity for guests that downloaded the app. Like any good marketing campaign, we recommend pushing notifications only if it’s necessary. Use our hotel messages to guests guide to identify the right messaging for your push marketing campaigns.

8. Drive more direct revenue

Guests that download your hotel app now have a much easier path to making future reservations at your hotel. That’s right; Fuel’s app software connects to your hotel booking engine for in-app purchasing. Guests can simply open your mobile app and make a booking directly through the app, completely eliminating the need to open a web browser and an OTA potentially swiping away direct business.

7. Room upgrades via push notifications

This is typically a hotel’s first opportunity to drive extra revenue after a booking is made. By pushing a pre-arrival message via your mobile app, you increase your chances of a guest upgrading their stay to a room that may have looked pricier at the time of booking. But now, that extra $20 spent per night doesn’t feel like such a big deal.

guest in hotel room after check in6. Ancillary revenue opportunities

Guests can order room service, make a reservation at your hotel’s spa or restaurant, or book a tee time at your hotel’s golf course directly through a mobile app, broadening the opportunity for guests to spend more during their stay at your hotel. Using push notifications to promote a dining discount or a free perk at your convenience store can get the ancillary revenue ball rolling.

5. Express check-in for guests

One of the biggest benefits for guests is the ability to skip waiting in the check-in line. With a simple tap, guests can check-in as soon as they arrive at your hotel. This allows guests more time to enjoy themselves at your property or around town. In addition to benefitting the guest, hotels are able to completely automate a tedious process. Now, staff can focus on other important tasks and build genuine relationships with guests.

4. Digital key functionality

In addition to express check-in capability, a mobile app with digital key functionality lets guests skip the hotel lobby altogether. With just a few taps and secured personal data confirmation upon check-in, the guest’s smartphone becomes their room key. Plus, the industry’s major lock providers integrate with Fuel’s hotel digital key software.

3. Bypass the web altogether

A mobile app provides a shorter, easier-to-maneuver marketing funnel for your guests. Once someone has downloaded your app, they can make future reservations without having to open a web browser.

Hotel Mobile App in hand

2. Save time and costs

The investment in a mobile app is only as good as the time and money it can save. Transitioning everyday processes to a fully automated, mobile experience, like in-person check-in or phone call requests for room service and maintenance are all but eliminated with a simpler, streamlined mobile process. Don’t take our word for it. See what our customers are saying about the Fuel Mobile App & Digital Key:

“Fuel’s Mobile App & Digital Key is an essential tool for our properties. Not only has it streamlined operations and increased guest satisfaction, but it is also driving a lot of incremental revenue.” – Patrick Norton, VP of Sales & Marketing, Brittain Resorts & Hotels

1. Enhance the guest experience

At the end of the day, people want to use technology that makes their life easier. And the conveniences that a hotel mobile app provides can do exactly that. With personalized messaging, easy-to-use communication, and automated processes, guests can spend more time enjoying their stay at your hotel.

Add the hotel industry’s leading mobile app and digital key software to your daily operations. Request a demo today!

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