8 Reasons Why Mobile Keys are Taking Over in Hotels

The hospitality industry has witnessed a significant shift towards digitalization, leading hotels to adopt digital keys as a way of improving internal operations, reducing costs, increasing direct sales, and enhancing hotel guest satisfaction.

But if you’re still not convinced about the benefits of a hotel digital key and lock solution, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll discuss eight reasons why digital keys are taking over in hotels.

1. Guests can skip the check-in line

people lined up at a hotel front desk

For guests, the obvious advantage of a hotel digital key is the option to skip the check-in line entirely. In fact, 70% of hotel guests would be more willing to stay at a hotel with digital key technology. For hotels, that’s a major ROI booster, and a big indication that mobile technology is becoming more vital than ever in the hospitality industry.

Similarly, digital keys can also play an important role in improving hotel mobile check-out solutions.

2. Mobile keys integrate with other hotel systems

Digital keys can be integrated with other hotel systems, such as the hotel’s property management system and hotel guest messaging software, to further enhance the guest experience. For example, digital keys can be used to access a hotel’s gym, spa, or pool. And savvy hotel digital marketers can use this technology to push personalized messaging to guests before, during and after their stay.

3. Mobile keys improve day-to-day efficiency

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Digital keys not only save time for guests but also hotel staff. Guests can check-in, access their rooms, and use hotel amenities quickly and efficiently, while hotel staff can focus on other tasks, such as providing more genuine staff-to-guest interactions that lead to more positive reviews and positive guest experiences.

4. Mobile keys lead to more app downloads and engagement

Mobile keys with mobile app integration open the door to new opportunities for increasing hotel app downloads and engagement. Hotel mobile apps can be used by guests for a variety of hotel services such as dining and activities reservations, and concierge and maintenance requests. But it’s also another avenue for building guest relationships through triggered hotel messaging. All-in-all, a mobile app that can be used for services, requests, and general questions leads to more eyes on your brand.

5. Mobile keys can boost guest loyalty

Hotel guest using hotel mobile key to unlock hotel room door.

With a hotel mobile key, guests essentially carry your hotel brand everywhere they go. Through triggered messages and push notifications, hotels can keep in touch with guests in a more personalized way. Think of stay anniversaries and birthday messaging as unique, personalized opportunities for building loyalty and ROI.

6. Mobile keys are environmentally friendly

Compared to traditional keys, which are commonly made of plastic and metal, mobile keys are more environmentally friendly. By switching to mobile key technology, hotels can greatly reduce the amount of waste they generate and hotel guests will be happier knowing they are helping practice environmental sustainability.

7. Mobile keys help hotels save money

Open hotel door with guest in background.

By switching to digital key technology, hotels reduce the cost of producing and managing traditional keys. In addition, the cost of replacing lost or stolen keys is also reduced. And with digital keys, faulty door locks no longer require costly maintenance services.

8. Mobile keys increase direct revenue

Last but not least, and most importantly for a hotel’s bottom line, mobile keys can boost direct revenue. A digital key with mobile app integration allows guests to avoid searching on the web (and avoid being swayed by online competitors and OTAs) and book directly on the app.

Digital keys can also be used to promote ancillary revenue sources, such as room upgrades, restaurant reservations, tee time bookings, and spa treatments. And like we mentioned previously, digital keys can be used to send personalized messages and offers to guests, which can increase revenue and enhance the overall guest experience.

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It’s easy to see how the simplicity and benefits of mobile keys are leading more and more hotels to adopt this technology. Fuel Travel’s hotel mobile key solution increases direct revenue, saves hotels money, reduces waste, and improves the guest experience. Book a demo today of the Fuel Digital Key.

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