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5 Benefits of a GMS in the Hotel Industry

The benefits of a guest messaging system (GMS) in the hotel industry extend to both the hotel and the guest. In the end, when you use the right hotel software technology, you’re ultimately providing better service and an enhanced experience for your guests through valuable insights and personalization. At the same time, guest messaging software will help you create smarter campaigns and make confident decisions that lead to more hotel revenue.

If you’re still on the fence about implementing new software into your daily operations, take a look at some of the major benefits a guest messaging software provides:

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5. Simple, powerful messaging design editing and customization

Fuel CRM design editor
Fuel GMS’ easy-to-use messaging builder.

One of the benefits of a GMS in the hotel industry is the capability to create high-quality message designs that drive engagement. With branded, responsive messaging, you can take control of your hotel’s messaging campaigns within your GMS.

The design editor powers you with the necessary tools to create eye-catching message designs for one-time and automated campaigns. The drag and drop functionality and intuitive design of Fuel GMS’ message editing software make it easy for anyone on your team to create engaging designs.


4. Pushes messaging and data to multiple platforms

Using an email-only delivery system will no longer cut it. Nowadays, hotel messaging should be all-encompassing by delivering messages to customers successfully and throughout the entire travel journey via multiple channels. While email is still an important channel for hotel marketing, it shouldn’t be the only channel you’re utilizing.

Intelligent hotel messaging software can deploy email campaigns, deliver SMS and text messaging to guests, push notifications via your hotel mobile app, and send important data to paid search and social platforms for improved campaign distribution.


3. AI-powered profiling for smarter campaigns

Fuel CRM smart segementing
Fuel’s AI-powered profiling makes it incredibly easy to segment your audiences for smarter campaigns.

Gone are the days of the spray and pray approach of marketing, where marketers would send the exact same messaging to their entire audience at once, hoping for a positive outcome. That’s because personalization has become an increasingly important component of not just hotels, but marketing in general.

With so much data to review, it would be an incredibly cumbersome task to manually determine who fits where in terms of profiling and segmentation. That’s where AI and machine learning-based automation come in.

The right software takes digital cues from past guest behavior, message engagement, social and site behavior, and your PMS profile information to identify and profile guests at scale so you can send the right messaging at the right time. A hotel guest messaging system this powerful leads to smarter campaigns and smarter reporting that you can use to continue improving your KPIs.


2. Insightful reporting that improves revenue-driving decisions

Fuel CRM reporting
Get real-time reporting so you can make real-time decisions that will result in more revenue for your hotel.

Make revenue-driving decisions based on your campaign goals and history with insightful reporting via your GMS. With the right GMS software, hoteliers can analyze customer and campaign metrics to drive more confident decisions. With the Fuel GMS, hoteliers will enjoy a full reporting suite that tracks success in real-time for real-time decision making. You’ll be able to review detailed revenue and performance metrics with ease, including a customizable tracking dashboard that will help hoteliers answer questions to improve guest satisfaction.


1. Improves guest loyalty

Finally, the benefits of a guest messaging system in the hotel industry start and ends with the guest. With the power to intelligently profile guests and help deliver smarter campaigns, an intelligent GMS gives you a greater chance at turning first-time customers into lifetime guests. 

It all starts with understanding what your guests prefer so you can tailor your messaging to be as specific as possible. This way, hotels can create a personalized experience that strengthens guest relationships and boosts loyalty from the moment they book to well after they’ve left your hotel.


Take the next step in growing guest loyalty and increasing revenue when you choose Fuel’s Guest Messaging System.

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