Analytics Around The World: April 2015

Faster Insights with the Analysis Workspace

The Freeform Analysis Tool for Adobe Analytics was announced last month at the Adobe Summit. This is a web-based tool to provide both flexibility and speed to you “big” data. And you do not need Ad Hoc Analysis to use it. To read all of the details about this new Analysis Workspace tool, read Ben Gaines’ from Adobe full blog here.


Increase the Persuasive Momentum of Your Conversion Funnels

Sometimes you need to stop and think as if you were the customer to make sure that you are giving the customer everything they want and need in order to make it through the entire conversion funnel. There are both micro and macro actions, and some micro actions need to take place in order to become a micro action. Sometimes the macro actions can take a lot of time or be ignored, but are much needed to increase the momentum through the conversion funnel. Read the full story on the ClickZ site here.

How to Solve 6 Brutal Problems in Google Analytics

This is a great tip sheet on things that can be frustrating if you use Google Analytics. Between Google Analytics constantly changing the names of their metrics and reports, and just the visual options you have when you want to show a client a graph of their data… some of these annoying things have ways around them to make your life a little easier. Read all 6 problems with their solutions on the Portent site here.

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6 Free Realtime Google Analytics Dashboards

There are 6 available Realtime Google Analytics Dashboards. You can add all of these Realtime dashboards at once by clicking this URL and selecting which accounts you want them added to. There is currently a bug, so you may need to submit your request twice. To get a full visual of the different dashboards and description for what each one covers, read the Leadin blog here.

Turning Website Visits into Profits

You must provide the best website possible when trying to get people to make purchases from you. There are some very important things you must show and give the customer to increase their chances of making the purchase. Some of these are images, pricing, descriptions, and features. To read the brief article and watch the full webinar, go to the Convert website.


10 Steps to a Google Mobile-Friendly Site

The new Google mobile friendly algorithm rolled out on April 1st, 2015. It is time for businesses to check to make sure that they are following these 10 steps to verify their website is mobile friendly, up to speed and compliant. Some of the important steps to check off are that your website pages are mobile friendly, your website doesn’t use Flash, and the URL relationships are matching with your non-mobile site. To review all 10 steps, read the full story on ClickZ.

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Cassey ReynosoAnalytics Around The World: April 2015
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