Analytics Around the World: September 2015

Where Data Meets Reality

This is another article agreeing that yes, data can be complex and difficult to look at but it really is art just as much as it is science. David Humphreys describes 5 characteristics that describe how data meets reality. Check out his Digital Marketing Blog to read as he describes “data that describes the physical world”, “data is symbolic”, “data is shorthand”,  “data summarizes more detailed information about the world, but can still capture the essential facts”, and “data is art as much as science”.

Data Meets Reality

Social Report

Speed, Focus, Smart Insights: 5 Google Analytics Custom Reports FTW!

Everyone in the analytics world knows Avinash Kaushik as an analytics expert. And, of course, he delivers for us once again. He has previously given us custom reports in Google Analytics that we can use (you can also get these past ones from this blog), and this time around he has 7 more for us. To get all of him custom reports, along with descriptions of how to use it, what it shows, and examples, go to his blog on Occam’s Razor here.

How to Make Data Sexy and Why Our Future Depends on It

Usually when people think of data the word sexy never comes to their minds. It is time to start making data that we present just as glamorous and intriguing as the rest of the marketing and advertising world does. This doesn’t mean to just throw a pie chart or graph into a report and call it done. This will need to be thoroughly thought out. Some key things to keep in mind are the Right KPIs, commentary, real-time and interactive, telling a story, and of course, visualization. To read the whole blog, you can find it on ClickZ here.

Sexy Map

Increase Conversions

5 Sure-Fire eCommerce Conversions Methods That Work

Most people that have eCommerce websites automatically assume that they need more visits in order to increase conversions to their website. This Convert blog shows you that you don’t need to stress over receiving more visits but rather what to do in order to get those existing visits to convert. This blog is not only stacked with stats to prove that these methods work, but also follow each of them up with examples. Read the full blog that lists the 5 methods that work in order to start increasing your website conversions.

30 Must-Use Methods for Killing Shopping Cart Abandonment

This is a very informative post gives you 30 methods that you must implement in order to avoid extensive shopping cart abandonment. Re-targeting emails always makes the list, along with full disclosure on shipping costs and sign-in barriers. Find a full description of all 30 things you should also be doing in order to increase your conversions here on the KISSmetrics blog.

Shopping Cart Abandonment

Open Webmail

Improve Your Email Click-Through Rate With These 14 Simple Tweaks

This is a really great post on the KISSmetrics blog that shows you 14 things to make sure you are doing in your emails in order to increase your click-through rate (CTR). Again today, we see how important buttons and colors are. People are more likely to click buttons, especially when they are certain colors. With that said, if it isn’t an important item within your email that you want people to click on, have it as clickable text rather than a button. Additionally, only have one call-to action (CTA) within your email and make sure it stands out so that people are most likely to click on it rather than either nothing or something different in your email. Read all 14 tweaks you should make here.

3 Surprising E-Commerce Strategies To Maximize Your Conversions

Did you know that something that seems as simple as just the color of a button on your website may account for as much as 85% of the reason behind product purchases? There are plenty of case studies that show which colors increase conversions compared to others. Yet, there are still many people out there choosing the wrong colors. This blog does not only show you how much button colors matter, but also the importance of videos (when tested and used properly), and the urgency to spark action in users. Read the entire Convert blog here for all of the details.

3 Surprising E-Commerce

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