Analytics Around the World: January 2016

You’re Wasting Your Time On These 3 Conversion Strategies

When trying to increase conversions on your website there are three conversion optimization strategies that almost everyone is guilty of trying. These strategies, however, could be hurting your conversions more than they help. Testing only micro or macro conversions (the post will also describe the difference of the two for you) is one of them. Additionally, not utilizing current technology, like heat map testing, will leave you tragically behind the optimization curve. Finally, rolling out a major website redesign can be a huge pain point for familiar website visitors. Find out why you should avoid all of these on The Daily Egg Blog.

5 Google Analytics Features You Probably Don’t Use Enough (Or Haven’t Even Heard Of)

As a Google Analytics user, you are probably extremely familiar with Audience and Acquisition reports. But this KissMetrics blog dives into 5 Google Analytics features that most people don’t use, but should be taking full advantage of. Read the full blog post to learn more about weighted sorting, site search, remarketing lists, funnel visualization and trackbacks.

Mirror, Mirror On the Wall, Which Vanity Metrics Should I Ignore?

This is such a great post, whether you are a marketer/analyst yourself, or if you continuously try to explain to your account managers that traffic increasing isn’t the only thing to look at. Increasing the eyes that look at your site is great, but it doesn’t automatically pay your bills. You still need the traffic that is coming to your site to convert. Read the full blog on The Daily Egg to help you identify actionable metrics and how to choose your metrics wisely.

Why Adwords And Google Analytics Data Don’t Match & How To Fix It

It is fairly common to have discrepancies between Google Adwords and Google Analytics data. Analysts hear the question as to why very often, and it could take days to find the reason of why. Unfortunately, there is not a straight forward answer to this question. First, you must realize that it IS uncommon to have a large discrepancy. To look into the different ways as to why your data doesn’t match, review the whole outline by Optimize Smart.

The Value (and Limitations) of “Derived Metrics”

In case you missed it, Adobe Analytics released an update that allows users to define a calculated metric based on a segment. This allows you to define types of events, visits, or visitors and pull them into reports like all other metrics. While there is a great value in doing this, there are also some limitations. Read @TylerGScott’s full post as he covers this for all of us.

5 Ways To Increase Content Engagement On Your Blog

Your website content must promote engagement. Otherwise, there is no reason to even write to begin with. Your content should cause your reader to interact with it, whether that means leaving a comment, sharing it, signups or going to other pages. This blog by The Daily Egg covers 5 things you should keep in mind the entire time you are writing content. Read the whole post to find tips for all 5: Captivating Title, Intriguing Introduction, Offer More Than Just Words, Storytelling, and Videos.

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Cassey ReynosoAnalytics Around the World: January 2016
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