Analytics Around the World: November 2015

Democratize Insights with Analysis Workspace

If you use Adobe Analytics, formerly SiteCatalyst, you will notice that there is now the option of using Analysis Workspace, which is no longer in Beta. In Ben Gaines’ blog, he shows you just some of the basic things you can do in the Analysis Workspace like create projects and share projects, customizing the dashboard look with the capability of dragging and dropping the items you want, and the Cohort Analysis. This is great news for any analyst – we now have a true application on the web!

Great Storytelling With Data: Visualize Simply And Focus Obsessively

The Web Analytics Expert, Avinash Kaushik, lists his 10 rules to follow to improve your storytelling. All 10 of his rules make complete sense but are often easy to forget. The people that you present your data to already have issues looking at and understanding the data, so make the  presentation as easy as possible for them to understand with the least amount of slides and handouts. Some things he points out are that these people will look at and read whatever it is that you either have on the screen or a handout they are holding. If they are reading, they are not listening to you. So stop being a Reporting Squirrel and be an Analysis Ninja. My personal favorite quote from his article is “don’t suck twice, stop creating handouts”.

Maximize Your Google Analytics with These Helpful Add-Ons

There are several Add-ons out there to make your Google Analytics analysis as easy and simple as possible for you. The Kissmetrics blog dives into some of these add-ons and explains what each of them do and shows some examples. For instance, the spreadsheet ad-on that allows you to not only pull the data into a spreadsheet so that you can make it visually readable, but you can also schedule reports and share it with others. The post also describes other add-ons like Tag Manager, Debugger, Infinity Call Tracking, Quill Engage, Wordsmith for Marketing, RegExr Regular Expression tool, Tablebooster, and more!

How we lost (and found) millions by not A/B testing

This is a great post on just how important it is to test! The company Basecamp goes into detail on how when they changed their name, site, main page and location of their form and how terribly things can go wrong if you do all of this without testing first before diving in. They explain how they lost millions, and how fortunate they were to find them. The post also explains what went wrong, what to learn from it, and how to communicate effectively.  Read the whole post published on and learn from their mistakes.

Product Finding Methods

Unfortunately, you can’t find many posts out there on Product Finding Methods. Adam Greco went into detail on what Product Finding Methods are, how to set them up, why you should be looking at it, and what exactly you are looking at on his Demystified blog.

Using Google Analytics for Advanced Visitor Insights

Have you been using segments, behavior reports or attribution modeling to look into the advanced visitor insights in Google Analytics? Or are you still just scratching the surface? It is extremely important to know where your website’s traffic is coming from. Are services like Paid Search or Campaigns having a good ROI for you? Are there certain demographics that you should be targeting? This post shows you some easy steps to take in order to look deeper and your traffic and your visitors. You can see all of these instructions and examples on the KISSmetrics blog.

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Cassey ReynosoAnalytics Around the World: November 2015
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