Friday Fuel: Adobe & Google Run The World

Happy Friday! We’ve got plenty of fun travel & tech news for you this week including Adobe Summit 2015 takeaways, a new hotel brand that is hoping to change the way consumers perceive hotels, and a great link lightning round.

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Adobe Summit Takeaways

Two of our analytics team members attended the Adobe Summit a few weeks ago in Salt Lake City, Utah. Aside from eating amazing food and bumping elbows with celebrities like Michael Keaton, our team did sit in on several interesting sessions and learn a thing or two. The session with Laurie Buckingham, the Chief Development Office at Coca-Cola, was of particular interest. As it turns out, the soft drink industry and travel industry have a lot more in common than one might think! Be sure to check out their full Adobe Summit 2015 Summary for more specific event details.

Adobe Digital Index Travel Report 2015 

Speaking of Adobe, this analytics giant just released their annual Digital Index Travel Report that contained some interesting stats for 2015. Report highlights include:

  • Top US destinations: Washington, D.C.; New York; Las Vegas; Los Angeles; San Francisco
  • Smartphone travel bookings have surpassed tablet bookings
  • Total spend on travel continues to increase Y/Y

The report also digs into bookings trends for major holidays and when consumers should book for the best prices. Be sure to check out the full Digital Index for Travel Report and let us know what you think about the trends for 2015.

Adobe Analytics

Hey Marriott, Here’s My Number…. Text Me Later?

Customer service seems to be emerging just as fast as technology is and Marriott is no stranger to innovation. The newest feature they are adding to their already large arsenal of tech savvy features will be a new system that allows guests to chat directly with a hotel representative before, during, and after their stay via the Marriott mobile app. The service is only available to members of the Marriott Rewards loyalty program (for now) and will allow guests to clarify booking information, ask questions, and even add on additional services and amenities directly. Do you think a program like this will be successful from a customer service standpoint?

Zoku CooCoo?

Not having a bed in the center of a hotel room? Why that’s just madness!…. or is it? Zoku, a new hotel brand in Amsterdam, is determined to end the stereotypes of the traditional hotel room and provide a more modern, usable space. Their loft style room layouts incorporate a four-person table, small but efficient kitchen space, and living area all in one open space. The bathroom is tucked away for privacy and the bed is located on a second floor loft area and is accessible via a pullout stairway. This new concept will be especially attractive for business travelers or long-term guests.

Zuku Loft Hotel Room

The Phantom Of The Update Is Here

Did you blink? Ah – you missed it! Another Google update! This week’s algorithm du jour has several names – “Phantom Update”, “Doorway Page Update”, and “Quality Update”. A little confusing, but when is Google ever easy? The change was a tweak in the core algorithm that Google uses and not associated with Panda or Penguin, as originally anticipated. The search engine is cracking down on thin content and “doorway page” usage. Should your hotel website be concerned? Be sure to check out our full Google Phantom Update rundown to find out.

Tiny Tim The New Decision Maker?

A new study by YouGov (commissioned by the popular vacation rental company, HomeAway) shows that more and more parents, particularly millennial parents, are letting the little ones make the final decision when it comes to picking a vacation destination. How many is “many” – you ask? Well, 34% to be exact. And that’s just the amount that allows children to make the final decision. Though mom still wears the pants in many households, more and more millennials are opening up to getting input from the kids and are letting them make the final decision. Thought many industries (fast food, in particular) have walked the ethical tight-rope when it comes to marketing to children, travel has yet to dive too deep into the pool… could this be changing?

World Travel Trends

Link Lightning Round

RIP Luxury Link – This online booking site that offered low prices on exclusive VIP-level travel around the world has thrown in the towel and is ceasing operations immediately.

Apple Watch Travel Apps – Curious about what travel related apps are available on the Apple Watch (so far)? Check out the full list of available apps and let us know which ones you want to see next!

Internet Safety – Delta released this awesome video on internet safety that puts all other internet safety videos to shame… you definitely want to check it out!

Memorial Day Weekend Stats – This year’s Memorial Day travel predictions indicate a busy travel year and a good year for hotels with a 5% increase in ADR.

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