Friday Fuel: The Dos and Dont’s of Hotel Marketing in 2015

Hotel Technology in 2015: The Do’s and Don’ts

Some things are obvious in the hotel industry, make sure the rooms are clean, everything is in working order and the staff is happy and helpful.

Those things are a given but what about the not so obvious things, the thing that you wouldn’t think about.

Attached is a link that contains a comprehensive list of over 70 Do’s and 50 Don’ts that hotels should consider when looking to make changes to their property.

From tips on how to better understand what you customers experience on a day to day basis, to specific room details that make their stay more comfortable, it’s all included.

For the full list, check out the article written by Terence Ronson.

Hilton Chooses Lifestyle as the “it” Factor When Rebranding

Hilton is at the forefront when it comes to designing brands with the new generation of travelers in mind.  With value being the number one determining factor when making a hotel related purchase decision, Hilton has decided to use that to their advantage and create Hotels that cater to specific lifestyles. The approach they take can be summed up in this quote;

“We identified the need to take the emphasis off of capital-intensive design and deliver exactly what the target consumer desires: an energizing, comfortable stay with more included value.”

Whether that is free wifi, included breakfast or something else, they are ready to design each hotel with the surrounding market in mind.

Read the full article at

TripAdvisor: How They Use Data and How You Can Benefit

As a hotel (and as their agency) the talk of TripAdvisor might give you goosebumps. From negative reviews, OTA fees and tracking it all, it’s no surprise that this can be some scary water to navigate. But here is a fact, TripAdvisor and customer reviews in general are here to stay. While the thought of all of your hotels dirty laundry being aired out to dry in front of, oh I don’t know, millions of potential customer is nerve racking, here are some ways hotels are using this to their advantage.

Click the link below to watch an interview with TripAdvisors CMO and to learn how they are using data and how your brand can benefit from it.

Check out the video here, at

Remember When Mobile Was the Future? That Was So 2014

According to one article, by 2024 we will vacation to the moon, underwater resorts, staying fit with our hologram trainer and the staff will be robots.  Now, as a person that is tech savvy and forward thinking, I own a Roomba, this happening in 10 years is hard to believe.

Want to go the moon? Just book a trip at the 3D printed lunar hotel. How about and underwater vacation? Check, you can do that!

The way this article explains it, the future of travel is an exciting one. Realistic or not, you decide. Check out the link below for the full article and list of exciting vacations that could be right around the corner.

Surprise! Not all predictions are high tech. We might be rolling back the clock to 1937 to take a trip on the Hindenburg. The airship might be making a comeback.

To see the rest of what the future holds click here! 

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