Friday Fuel: May The (Marketing) Force Be With You

Happy Friday! This week, we’ve got lots of trends and predictions for 2016 to discuss in addition to some history about that pesky “fold”.

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Are you tired of hearing about millennials yet? Well, so are we, but we all better get used to it. This growing travel segment is bringing some massive disruptions with it. From accommodation and travel preferences to how they book these services, millennials are ushering forth the era of change. What is in store for this group in 2016? The experts have several predictions. Millennials are all about experience and are willing to put off a large purchase to save for an experience a dream vacation. Additionally, the experience matter – comfortable beds are the number two reason that a millennial would recommend a hotel to a friend.

millennials traveling across country

Video Is All The Rage

Video content has been on the rise for quite some time and with YouTube positioned as the second largest search engine in the world it’s no surprise that more and more businesses are cashing in on this content opportunity. From a travel perspective, consumers are seeking a wide variety of information throughout the buying cycle and marketers have full creative freedom to capture a willing audience. From dreaming about ideal vacation destinations to uploading and sharing video content from a trip, consumers are interacting with and creating video content at an unprecedented rate. How can your hotel brand take advantage of this growing trend?

Ironing Out “The Fold”

“NOTHING BELOW THE FOLD!” –Said everyone, ever, in the 1900’s. This concept actually originated with the birth of the print industry as savvy salesmen realized that hot stories sell and therefore instructed printers to put the most compelling information “above the (literal) fold” on the newspaper. Thought it made sense then, this antiquated design concept doesn’t translate well in the modern age when user behaviors have evolved and adapted to different devices. Scrolling is second nature and the though that having every single essential bit of information on the top part of the screen is not longer relevant. How has your website design adapted to modern times?

the fold on the page web design

These New Startups Are Hot, Hot, Hot

Startups seem to pop up every other day now and don’t quite make the splash that they used to. A handful, however, managed to differentiate themselves from the crowd and saw a pretty successful 2015. Who made the list? Perhaps you’ll recognize a few:

  • Periscope
  • Yik Yak
  • 21 Inc.
  • PillPack
  • Jet

Be sure to check out the full list of the top tech startups of 2015 and let us know your thoughts!

Late Check-Out or Nah?

The ease of booking and typical lower pricing aren’t the only perks of staying with lodging alternatives like Airbnb and hotels are quickly catching on. The traditional check-in and check-out times, for example, could be a thing of the past. Many brands are thinking outside of the box and taking a more consumer-first approach when it comes to this antiquated process and introducing flexible times dictated but the guest. While this approach could initially create some confusion and cluster from an operational stand point, it’s clear that travelers are looking for less-traditional options and that hotels will need to either change their mindset or get left behind in the dust. Could flexible check-ins be something your hotel would ever consider?

sleeping in late hotel

Bigger Bathrooms FTW

We’ve all heard talk about hotels with robots or completely mobile check-ins and room keys, but from a more basic design perspective, what could the hotel of the future really look like? Commercial designers seem to have several ideas. To begin with, bathrooms are expected to grow in size and become more spa-like versus a traditional setup. Also, technology like shrinking flatscreen TVs could lead to smaller guest rooms, though the space lost would merely be from the room that is no longer taken up by older in-room amenities. And, speaking of technology, rooms are going to feature high-tech control features like temperature adjustments and remotes that might even be completely accessible via your mobile device. Do you have any predictions to add?

Bonus – TripAdvisor reveals top destinations on the rise, do you want to check out any of these up and coming travel gems?

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Meisha BochicchioFriday Fuel: May The (Marketing) Force Be With You
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