Friday Fuel – Millennials, Pot Resorts and Weird Ads

What Millennials Want from Hotels

It’s no secret that companies are trying to figure out what millennials want. They are one of the top spending demographics and will likely be the driving force behind future business trends.   Hotel News Resource recently put out two different articles focusing on what millennials want from hotels. The first article, “Uncovering the Millennial Mindset,” peels back some layers on the millennial onion and shows how many of them behave. Trends like “27% of Millennials have stayed in a hotel to impress someone” and “30% of Millenials keep earbuds in their ears to avoid talking to others while travelling. The second article focuses on how millennials view hotel loyalty programs. It offers some insights such as 49% of millennials stopped using a loyalty program after irrelevant communication and 27% of millennials continue using loyalty programs due to gamification such as badges, leaderboards and communities. These results are based on a survey of 1,000 American consumers in August 2015. Getting on board with millennials wants and needs is essential for hotels that want to grow with times.

What Millennials Want From Hotels

1 Hotel Central Park Shower

This Hotel Times Your Shower

The 1 Hotel Central Park has added a small feature to their showers that takes their eco-friendliness up a notch. Taking a crack at reducing the amount of water used while showering, this hotel added a simple 5 minute hourglass in the shower. While the water doesn’t shut off after 5 minutes, it puts the thought in the guest’s head that they shouldn’t be wasting water. They have also moved from small individual shampoo & conditioner bottles to large eco-friendly dispensers. According to Michael Laas of 1 Hotels, the goal is not to preach conservation to guests, but to add subtle items that show their guests that they care. Items like recycled hangers, organic cotton sheets, even in-room recycling bins all help tell their story. With eco-friendliness becoming more and more important to guests we will likely see hotels across the country adopting these practices in the near future.

(image: Condé Nast Traveler)

America’s Biggest Marijuana Resort To Open in 2016

The Santee Sioux Indian Tribe in South Dakota want to jump on the marijuana tourism bandwagon and open America’s biggest marijuana resort. They’ve seen Colorado’s tax revenue from tourism break $1 billion and want their piece of that pie. They are creating what they call “an adult playground” complete with 30 different strains of high quality bud from Monarch America, arcade games, night club, food & drink service, slot machines and outdoor music. Their goal according to the tribal leaders is to “show the state how clean, how efficient, how proficient, safe and secure this is as an operation. The hotel is slated to open in early 2016. If they see the same type of tourism boom that Colorado saw, there will likely be a slew of marijuana resorts popping up everywhere it’s legal.

Marijuana Resort in South Dakota

High Street Victorian B&B

Win Your Own B&B in Missouri

The High Street Victorian B&B in Boonville, MO is being given away! A 200 word essay and $150 entry fee could land you your very own historic B&B. In the essay, participants are to explain why they want to own this B&B in 200 words or less. Their initial goal was to get 2,500 essays to cover the $375,000 they were asking for when the home was on the market. They weren’t able to get enough submissions by their original due date of October 15th so it has been extended to mid November. If they still don’t reach their goal by then they will refunding entry fees. They got this idea from an innkeeper in Maine who managed to give her property away successfully. This just seems like a really cool way to make money from property that isn’t getting much attention on the open market. We’ll keep our eyes and ears open for more Inns and B&Bs that are being “given” away.

(image: highstreetvictorian.com)

Let’s Get Weird

It seems that the weirder advertising campaigns become, the more effective they are. Search Engine Journal recently put out an article that details some of the most effective and memorable ad campaigns we’ve seen recently are also some of the strangest. They point out things like Old Spice’s MomSong, PooPourri’s Girls Don’t Poop, Kmart’s Ship My Pants as well as some others. The point of the article is that these brands created incredible sticking power by being weird and setting themselves apart from their competitors. These campaigns are not to be imitated, but they should spark some ideas to encourage hotel marketing teams to really start thinking outside the box and not being afraid of getting a little edgy. Keep in mind that the humor should match your audience and the platform you’re using to promote or this strategy could blow up in your face. Check out Search Engine Land’s article to see their top 10 campaigns as well as some tips to creating your own weird ad campaign.

(image: www.poopourri.com)

PooPourri Ad

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