Friday Fuel: New Year, New Trends

Happy New Year!

Kick off 2016 with our weekly recap of the top hotel marketing news and articles. This week’s roundup includes a few mobile marketing predictions for 2016, news on a new Hilton brand category, and a Marriott hotel room design faux-pas.

Hotels, Stop Trying To Make Fetch Happen

“Oh! Have you checked out the open-concept health studio on the fifth floor? They have an organic smoothie bar!” –Said no (normal) person ever. Ok, so maybe some have said that before, but certainly not anyone with many friends. Millennials are a hot commodity right now when it comes to targeting, well, pretty much everything and travel is no exception. The problem? Millennials, much like everyone else, just want a great hotel experience; there’s no need to re-name everything with a sophisticated twist just to make it sound new and fancy. Stick to what you’re good at, guys.

Hilton Makes “Suite” Deal

Hotel giant, Hilton, is on the move again with a new “All Suites” brand category that now includes Embassy Suites, Homewood Suites, and Home2 Suites, in addition to changes to the brand leadership roster for all companies. The goal of new brand umbrella is to unify the separate entities and utilize their strengths to help foster growth. From a numbers perspective, the suites brands comprise nearly 15% of the company’s overall inventory and 20% of its pipeline, by rooms.

Top Hotel Marketing Blogs of 2015

The results are in! Fuel covered a lot of ground in 2015… From articles on the latest Hotel Ads updates and web development tricks to “how to” hotel analytics guides and case studies – our blog has evolved into a one-stop-shop for hotel marketing news and for resources for hotel marketers across multiple disciplines. Curious about our most popular articles for 2015? Our analytics team took top honors with a guide on how to create automated reports in Adobe SiteCatalyst. Be sure to check the full recap for the other top trafficked articles.


TripAdvisor Travel Trends & Other Alliteration

The latest TripBarometer, via TripAdvisor, reveals some interesting travel predictions for the 2016. A major focus from a travel perspective this year will be travelers seeking new and unique experiences with 69% of those surveyed indicating they were planning to try something totally new this year. Additionally, travel is on the rise with 33% of travelers indicating that they plan to spend more on travel in 2016 than they did in 2015. Be sure to check out the full travel report for more trends and predictions.

Fido Deserves First Class Too

It’s no secret that people love their furry friends. Dogs, in particular, make great travel companions and, as more and more destinations are becoming pet friendly, more and more travelers are beginning to take their best friends with them during vacations. Many hotel brands are have noticed this trend and are hopping on the canine bandwagon with special accommodations and packages just for pet owners. For example, The Ludlow Hotel in Manhattan offers dog treats at check-in, dog walking services, in-room pet bowls, and a special garden for scenic walks. Would your hotel ever consider embracing the pet-friendly movement?

dog sleeping in hotel

No Desk?! *Flips Desk* Oh, Wait…

Hotel design has been a hot topic as of late with many brands experimenting with room size and room décor. Marriott apparently crossed a line, however, when they made the bold move to remove traditional desks from hotel rooms. Yes, it seems that people actually do still use desks… who knew! The location in question testing the new room design received a huge backlash at the lack of an in-room workspace and is currently reversing their poor decision through room renovations.

Mobile Marketing Trends For 2016

Mobile has been a buzzword for a few years now and will only continue to maintain a strong presence as technology and wearables evolve. As more and more consumers are on the go and taking their devices with them, more and more companies are stumbling their way through data and making decision on how to best reach these active users. Mobile Marketer has some interesting predictions for how things might change in 2016. Mobile couponing is predicted to see a huge influx along with mobile video and mobile apps. What are your mobile marketing predictions?

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mobile marketing trends

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