Friday Fuel: Sleeping with Coke Bottles, Espresso in Space, and the Griswolds Return.

Happy Friday everyone! Are y’all ready for this week’s Friday Fuel? Of course you are! We’ve got some fun stuff in store, from Espresso Machines in Space, America’s Best Tiki Bars, and the great American family vacation movie is back. Warm up your mouse and lets get scrolling!


cokebottlesW Hotels and designs new bedsheets out of Coke Bottles

Many hotels and resorts these days are jumping on the “Going Green” bandwagon. Sure, it’s great for the environment, but it’s also pretty good for the bottom line too. This has hotels looking for all sorts of innovative ways to go green. W Hotels has a unique spin on it; teaming up with  music star, they are creating “EKOCYCLE”. These new bedsheets will be partially made out of recycled plastic coke bottles.

How many cokes does it take to make a bed sheet? Approximately 31 20z plastic bottles go into making a king size sheet.

The big question though, just how comfortable these new sheets are. Considering W Hotels are high end, my guess would be they feel no different than the previous bed sheets. Click here to get more in depth with this plan.


Espresso in Spaaaaaaaace!

coffee-spaceI’m sure you all have been there… you’re out traveling, maybe for business or maybe for fun, and finding a realy good cup of espresso or your favorite coffee drink is hard to come by. Maybe you are in a remote area or out in the country where the Starbucks are few and far between or maybe… just maybe… you are 270 miles above earth in an orbiting space station.

An Italian astronaut  was running into just these types of issues. Aboard the International Space Station, she could only get freeze dried coffee. Thanks to some engineering skill and some generous Italians, the astronauts will soon have a working espresso machine on the space station.

How does Zero G coffee taste? I’m not sure how that will work, but we’ll have to see what the verdict is later on. Who knows, maybe the International Space Station will soon be home to the first orbiting Starbucks!


Chevy Chase and the Griswold family returns for another Vacation

The classic American vacation movie star is back. The Griswolds are taking another trip to Wally World. Maybe this time they won’t have to take any hostages.

Chevy Chase And Beverly D'Angelo In 'Vacation'The first movie, National Lampoon’s Vacation, came out in 1983 and was a big hit. Now, Warner Bros is going to “reboot” the movie and its just going to be called “Vacation” (Creative folks over there huh?).

The movie will take place with the family, the kids grown up this time, going on the classic American cross country road trip.

Its supposed to be released in July, so keep an eye out for it. No word on if Cousin Eddie will make an appearance, but lets all hope so.

Round ‘em up Cowboy, its time for the lightning round!

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developerFriday Fuel: Sleeping with Coke Bottles, Espresso in Space, and the Griswolds Return.
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