Friday Fuel: Tinder for Hotels, Nano-Robot Scallops, and Virtual Balconies at Sea

Hey everybody, Fun stuff this friday, we’ve got Tinder for Hotels, Virtual Balconies, Gold Apple watches, and a whole lot more. So strap in, its time to take a ride on the Friday Fuel Train!


First up, heard of the Tinder App? Its a dating app…or rather a hookup type app for finding folks that your uhm, compatibility with. Now, there’s HelloTel, a tinder-like app but for Hotels. The app really isn’t about finding a hotel, but rather socializing in whatever hotel your currently in. You can see activities that are going on in the hotel or in the nearby area and also see who else is staying at the hotel. Check out HuffPo’s write up about it to learn more…if your into that sort of thing (And we all know you are)

Now, there’s no excuse to be Forever Alone when staying at a hotel.

Virtual Balconies for Royal Carribean

Next up on our cavalcade of news, Royal Caribbean, best known for their giant boats is now installing “Virtual Balconies” for inside rooms. Too cheap to spring for the balcony on your cruise? RC has you covered. Instead of a blank wall where the balcony would be, there is a giant LCD instead that broadcasts a live view from outside the ship giving the allusion that you have a balcony. Now the cheapest possible room on a cruise just got just a tiny bit better. Check out Royal’s press release for a vide of this in action.

Not a totally new idea in the cruise ship industry, Disney has had virtual portholes for several years now for their interior staterooms. Could windowless hotel rooms be next? Who knows where the race to make depressing rooms slightly better will lead us.

$5,000 Apple Watch

Are you sitting there, looking at your current smart watch and going “I look like a peasant with this on”, Well good news, Apple is going to fix that problem with a $5,000 gold Apple Watch. Rumor has it that it will be out on Valentines Day, perfect timing for getting a loved one a small gift. At 18k gold with a sapphire screen, its sure to stand out from the crowd at a party. Unless the party is in Dubai of course. This article has a few more details but not much. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see on this one.

Link Roundup

Okay folks, its that time, its time for the round up section of today’s Friday Fuel. Check out these links for some more interesting news from the travel industry, technology, and everything in between.

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Matthew CoatsFriday Fuel: Tinder for Hotels, Nano-Robot Scallops, and Virtual Balconies at Sea
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