Friday Fuel: Hotel Robot Staff, Towel Crime Fighting, and Rent your own Island!

Well, Happy Friday everybody! We hope everyone had a great week and have some plans to make a great weekend happen. In this Week’s Friday Fuel, we have a collection of interesting stories sure to perk up your afternoon!

Have you ever taken anything from a Hotel Room?

…We’re not talking about those little soaps and shampoos. We’re talking the good stuff; you know, robes, towels, and for the more adventurous traveler, mattresses. You may think you are getting away with it when you notice that the hotel didn’t charge your credit card, but hotels are cracking down hotel theft by using 21st century technology.

A new trend that thousands of hotels are testing includes inserting tiny tracking devices into towels and other often-stolen items. By using this tracking technology, the item in question will send either management or for housekeeping staff an alert whevever a stolen item leaves the property.

Grabbing a towel may not seem like too big an issue, but for many hotels and resorts, 10-20% of their towels can go missing every year and replacing all of those isn’t exactly chump change.

Some hotels are offering customers a chance to properly buy the towels, linens and decorations that are found in a hotel. If you really really like a towel, I would go this route.

Want to know more about these high tech towels? Click here to get the full scoop. (Just don’t take anything)

The Frontdesk of the Future

A hotel opening up soon in Japan will have something a bit different when you go to check in.

The hotel, Henn-na Hotel, will be using 10 robots with multilingual capabilities to handle positions like front desk and reception. They even establish eye contact and can respond to body language.

For example, if a guest looks impatient then the bots could try and speed that guest through the check-in process versus a guest who seems more relaxed and might want more individual attention.

If a robot staff is too spooky for you, don’t worry, there will be a few humans around too to help out…or in case there is a robot uprising.

Want to see what these robots will look like? Follow this link and see the future of the front desk!

Sure, you can rent a room or a house, but why stop there?

Looking to impress? Bored of renting a hotel room or even a vacation house? AirBnB has got you covered. AirBnB lets people list their rooms, houses and other kinds of property for folks to rent. One listing though goes beyond all that, this listing is for an ENTIRE island in the South Pacific.

Located on the Island of Nanuku Levu in Fiji, this super remote island can be rented out in its entirety – just you and anyone else you want to invite. With only 10 acres, it’s not very big, but your nearest island neighbor is 15 miles away. So, if privacy is what you seek, privacy is what you will get.

Be wary though, there isn’t any AC, parking (obviously), cable, internet, or any of the modern amenities that you might expect at a traditional beach resort. But, you can’t beat the views.

At only $3,000 a week (10,000 for the month) though, to rent an entire island, its quite a good deal. If you are feeling adventurous that is.

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Matthew CoatsFriday Fuel: Hotel Robot Staff, Towel Crime Fighting, and Rent your own Island!
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