Thanksgiving Weekend 2015 Resort Recap

The results are in…We’ve analyzed all of the data we could get our hands on for nearly 40 local hotels/resorts for the Thanksgiving weekend. We looked at overall traffic to websites, bookings, revenue, booking window, length of stay, and a breakdown of desktop vs. mobile phone to see how they fared against last year.

The majority of our clients were running promotions throughout the weekend, starting on Thanksgiving day and running through Cyber Monday. Last year, some clients ran Friday-Monday, others just ran Cyber Monday sales. So this year, vacationers had a longer time-frame in which to make a decision and book their trip.

In general, we saw a lackluster weekend online versus this weekend last year. More properties showed overall declines in revenue and bookings. However, due to the increase in mobile phone traffic, our clients report that phone revenue just about made up for the online loss.

General Stats:

  • 7% fewer bookings
  • 9% less revenue
  • 6% more traffic

In terms of arrival dates of bookings from the weekend, we didn’t see any major shifts as a percentage of bookings by season.

You can see in the above graph that there were very slight increases in summer and fall bookings compared to last year. The biggest loss as a percentage of bookings and actual number of bookings is in the spring (March-May). May arrivals decreased by 27% compared to last year.

As far as length of stay is concerned, again, we saw no major shifts. As a percentage of bookings, there was a slight increase in 4-7 night stays as well as 8-13 night stays. In terms of actual number of bookings, there were losses in all categories.

Length of Stay Percentage

Taking a look at desktop vs. mobile phone data, we saw growth in traffic from both device types. However, bookings and revenue decreased for desktops while increasing in both metrics for mobile phones.

Below is a raw breakdown of traffic, bookings and revenue by device type. You can also see the percent change summarized for all three KPIs.

Bookings, Revenue, and Traffic by Device

You can see in the percent change graph that while desktop traffic grew more than 10%, bookings and revenue both declined more than 10%. On the flip-side, mobile phone traffic grew more than 30%, with bookings and revenue increasing more than 20%.

While the shift from desktop to phone is not at all surprising, after several years of online revenue growth for this weekend, the decline we saw this year was a little unexpected. Is it possible that vacationers are becoming more immune to cyber sale deals? We are quite curious to see the outcome next year.



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Melissa KavanaghThanksgiving Weekend 2015 Resort Recap
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