Friday Fuel: Spring Break Hotspots, Camping in Backyards, and a Man Kayaks Across the Atlantic!

Hello once again readers! It’s time for your weekly does of Friday Fuel, so get ready to Fuel up on the most exciting travel and technology news of the week! We’ve got quite a lot in store for today from pirates, spring break, brand new islands, and much more. Lets go!

Volcano-Erupts-to-form-a-New-South-Pacific-IslandNew Islands Await Adventurers in the South Pacific

First up, let’s talk about this new island thing. Humans have been very skilled at exploring new areas so finding something new on they planet is a rare event!

In this case, it’s an entirely new island that has just formed in the Pacific. But, before you get too excited, realize that remote destination is located off of the island of Tonga and it will take a lot of planning and time to get out there to explore it yourself. Check out the Photos of some folks exploring this new island.

Since it’s brand new, there’s not much in the way of resources; but, for scientists and explorers, this is a great opportunity to learn more about how islands are formed and how ecologies become established. Unfortunately, it’s not expected to last long. Eventual erosion back into the sea is the forecast for this lonely destination but if it does stick around be sure to add this new island to your next adventure vacation.


unnamedThats right, here in the US we are knee deep into Spring Break season. Schools are out for the week and people are ready to party. Of course, the country’s beach destinations will be a big hit, especially with low gas prices and hotels throwing heavy discounts towards vacationers, but some destinations that are trending this year will come as a big surprise.

As you can imagine, Florida takes the top spots for Spring Breakers, but this year places like Phoenix, Austin, and Puerto Rico come in as surprise hits for this year’s spring break activities. If you want to check out the full list, click here.

Move over AirBnB, there’s a new game in town.

AirBnB and services like it are all the rage. These sites allow you to rent out your extra bedroom or house while you are on vacation to others. But, what if you don’t have an extra bedroom? What if you just have a big yard? CampInMyGarden.com has got you covered then! This website lets you camp in other people’s yards, gardens and other outdoor areas. I’m sure HOA’s will be pleased when your backyard will start looking like a Hobo Hangout, but what do they know, this is the future of vacations we’re talking here!

You won’t find many places more unique than those listed here. And, while they may lack amenities, for those that enjoy roughing it and experiencing a true local flavor, spending a few nights in someone’s backyard may be just the ticket. Grab your tent on and head on over to their site to check it out

National Geographic’s Adventurer of the Year Award goes to…

So, last summer you tried some oysters for the first time and now you think your an ultimate adventurer huh? Well, you’ve got a lot to catch up with if you want to match this guy. National Geographic’s Adventurer of the Year award goes to Aleksander Doba. At 67 years old, he has sailed all the way across the Atlantic Ocean in an open water kayak (and you though you were sore from your paddle around a lake!)

Total mileage of this trip as 7,700, done in a 23 foot kayak, He left Lisbon and arrived in Florida, an amazing journey and adventure. If you want to see a video and more information about this amazing travel story, head on over to National Geographic’s site for all the details.

Tech News Roundup

Get out your lasso cowboys and cowgirls, its time to round up some of the latest tech news.

  • Major Security Vulnerability discovered in the popular WPML WordPress Plugin. This plugin, used by over 400,000 websites, has had a nasty security vulnerability. If you’re running WordPress and using WPML – patch up now! Read the full nitty gritty over on SecurityWeek.
  • RIP Internet Explorer – Once Windows 10 comes out, Internet Explorer will be no more. Project Sparta will be released as its replacement. No word yet on the real name of the new browser or many of the details, but this can only be a good move for Microsoft considering how toxic that brand name is.
  • Windows 10 is now a free upgrade…Even if you pirated your last copy. In a surprise move, Microsoft announced that Windows 10 will be a free upgrade not only for existing legit customers but customers who have sailed the high seas and hoisted the jolly roger to get their copy of windows will also be able to get Windows 10 for free.

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developerFriday Fuel: Spring Break Hotspots, Camping in Backyards, and a Man Kayaks Across the Atlantic!
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