Top Fuel Travel Blogs of 2015

‘Tis the season… for top 10 lists and annual recaps. Nothing like a good bandwagon campaign to help usher in the New Year!

We covered a lot of ground this year; from Google Hotel Ads updates, Adobe Analytics guides, and web development and design best practices to our weekly Friday Fuel roundups and case studies, the Fuel blog has become a top online resource for both savvy and green hotel marketers alike.


Without further adieu, check out our Top 10 Travel Marketing Blogs of 2015!

1.) Create Automated Reports with SiteCatalyst

Analytics topped the charts this year with this handy article that can teach you how to create automated reports with SiteCatalyst report builder. Creating automated reports will save both time and energy and will make your team a lean, mean data-crunching machine.

2.) Angular Directive Sortable Table

 Reducing file size can be a critical job for any web development team. This will not only increase the speed of your and keep your users happy but also make the site easier and faster to be crawled by search engines which will keep your internet marketing squad happy.

angular directive

3.) Angular Directive Pagination

Take your angular directive smarts a step farther with this handy article on how to organize large data sets via pagination. This guide will allow you to change the amount of data shown per page, add “next” and ”previous page” functionality, and add the ability to jump to a certain page number within the data set.

4.) Unity Dependency Injection in ASP.NET

Our web development team was on a roll this year, clearly. This jargon-heavy post is best for career developers and engineers and discusses the new dependency injection framework in the new ASP.NET platform.

unit testing

5.) Best Facebook Ads For Hotels

Looking for something a bit more digestible for the every-day marketer? If so, our fifth most popular post on the best Facebook ad formats for hotels is just what the doctor ordered! Here, we discuss the specifications for different Facebook ad formats and what realistic goals and expectations are for each ad type.

6.) Google Hotel Ads – Everything You Need to know

Hotel Ads, one of Google’s latest advertising platforms, made a huge splash in 2015, for both organic and paid search marketers. Are you just getting started with Hotel Ads or do you want to know the best ways to optimize current campaigns? Check out our rundown that covers everything you need to know.

hotel price ads reviews

7.) SERP behaviors 2005 vs. 2015

Search engines have come a long way over the past decade, in both design and functionality. Google’s goal, ultimately, is to keep up with the latest user trends and modify their design to incorporate the most user-friendly interface. Oh, and maybe make a few bucks while they are at it. Check out how SERPs and user behaviors have changed over the past 10 years.

8.) Google Releases Platypus

There’s nothing quite like a good Internet troll for a few giggles. Google is all about algorithm updates so the Fueligans, being the pranksters we are, published an article on the new “Platypus” update. The article just happened to be published on April 1st…. tee hee hee. Though the Platypus update shenanigan is a few years old, it still maintains decent traction and is most likely used as a joke to keep people on their toes.

9.) 2 Surprising Ways Google Analytics Differs From Adobe

Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics…. Pretty much the same thing, right? WRONG. These two popular platforms, though similar, report on two metrics very differently. Understanding these subtle differences can really change the context of your data!

10.) The Holy Trinity of C# Testing

Our final winning article of the year dives deep into the depths of web development with a thorough look into C# testing. Our software development team discusses the challenges of unit testing and how to overcome these issues to make testing fun again.

And there you have it! The Top 10 Fuel Travel Blogs of 2015.


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